Factory Price clear label paper customized | jflabel

Factory Price clear label paper customized | jflabel

The materials of jflabel clear label paper are supplied based on the commitment to the environment - a family of eco-friendly materials designed to manufacture the sustainable product.

Material: customized according to your needs

Uses: widely used in electronics, medicine, food, toys, daily chemical product descriptions, warnings, etc.

Features: waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-proof

Product size: customized

Paper core: 1", 40mmx45mm, 3" optional

Color: White/Yellow/Blue or as your request

MOQ: 100 rolls

Transaction method: wire transfer

Packaging: shrink film packaging

The thermal label is different from the thermal transfer label. The thermal label paper uses a printer, and the printing material is thermal paper. Thermal paper is a special coated processed paper, which is made of ordinary paper as the paper base and coated on it. A layer of heat-sensitive chromophoric layer, the chemical reaction is in a "latent" state. When the thermal paper encounters the hot print head, the color developer and the leuco dye at the place where the print head prints chemically reacts and changes color to form images and texts.

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At jflabel, technology improvement and innovation are our core advantages. Since established, we have been focusing on developing new products, improving product quality, and serving customers. clear label paper If you are interested in our new product clear label paper and others, welcome you to contact us.Looking for a practical packaging solution for your products? Look no further than jflabel! Our designs are meticulously crafted to perfectly fit the size, weight, and unique properties of the item being packaged. Trust us to deliver a functional and effective packaging solution that will protect your product and make it stand out on store shelves.

Thermal labels. Thermal labels are coated with a colorless thermal coating on the surface of ordinary offset labels. Under the action of the heat of the print head, the heat-sensitive parts of the thermal label turn black. The parts that are not sensitive to heat do not change color, thus forming text or barcodes to achieve the purpose of printing. Thermal labels are divided into two types: with a protective layer and without a protective layer. The protective layer is above the thermal layer to protect the thermal layer, resist chemical corrosion, and prevent label contamination (such as sweat on hands, labels for blood banks) blood, etc.) and to protect the print head. The thermal coating can be designed with different activation temperatures as required to meet the needs of printers with different performances.

Thermal transfer labels. Thermal transfer label is a special label specially made for ribbon printing. The ink on the ribbon is transferred to the label sheet under the action of the heat and pressure of the print head of the barcode printer. Therefore, the surface of the thermal transfer label is required to be smooth, non-reflective, and has good ink absorption. Generally, the thermal transfer label has a matte coating, and after reaching the print head, a qualified label is printed under low heat and low pressure. Other types of copperplate labels and matt labels can also be used as thermal transfer labels, but the effect is not good, affecting the life of the print head and the quality of the label.

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