Continuous computer paper, also known as continuous feed paper or fanfold paper, is a type of paper used with dot matrix or impact printers. It comes in a continuous form with perforated edges and alternating holes on the sides to allow for its smooth feeding through the printer.

Here are some key features and characteristics of continuous computer paper:

Continuous Form: Continuous computer paper is typically supplied in a roll or stack of connected sheets. Each sheet is perforated at regular intervals, allowing it to be easily separated into individual pages after printing.

Perforations: The paper's perforations are designed to make it easy to tear off individual pages without the need for scissors or other cutting tools. The perforations are usually located at the top and bottom of each page, near the edges.

Sprocket Holes: Continuous computer paper features sprocket holes on both sides of the paper. These holes align with the sprocket pins in dot matrix printers, ensuring accurate paper feeding and preventing slippage during the printing process.

Carbonless Paper: Some continuous computer paper is carbonless, which means it has multiple layers that allow for the creation of duplicate or triplicate copies while printing. This is often used for generating multiple copies of invoices, receipts, or other forms.

Dot Matrix Printers: Continuous computer paper is typically used with dot matrix or impact printers. These printers use a print head with a series of small pins that strike an inked ribbon against the paper, creating text or images by forming patterns of dots.

Application: Continuous computer paper is commonly used in environments where large volumes of printed output are required, such as data processing centers, billing departments, or warehouses. It is also used for printing multipart forms like invoices, purchase orders, shipping labels, and receipts.

Compatibility: Before using continuous computer paper, it's essential to ensure that your printer is compatible with this type of paper. Some printers may require specific settings or adjustments to accommodate continuous feed paper effectively.

It's worth noting that with the increasing popularity of laser and inkjet printers, the usage of continuous computer paper has decreased in recent years. However, it still finds applications in specific industries that rely on dot matrix printers or have requirements for multipart forms.

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