Main application areas of color label printers:

1. In the wine industry, color label printers can print short-term water bottle labels, limited edition, seasonal wine labels and retailer box labels. The bottle label can record the composition, history, year and other information of the wine.

2. Health care products industry, with the help of color label printers, personal care product labels, cosmetic labels, shower gel labels, lipstick labels, soap packaging labels, skin care, health care product labels, etc. can be produced.

3. Product packaging, printing color packaging labels according to demand, can reduce costs, avoid excessive printing waste, high cost of less printing, and control the cycle independently.

4. Food industry: Advertising efforts to help consumers identify the production content and production information of food. The content printed by the color label printer can include: illustrations, text, two-dimensional barcodes, etc., which can be used to make nuts, condiments, candies and other products.

5. Enterprise card and clothing tag industry

6. Medical industry, such as printing patient ID wristband labels, medical bottle color labels, color-coded labels, etc.

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