Custom thermal paper rolls 3.125 x 230 quality assurance Manufacturer | jflabel

Custom thermal paper rolls 3.125 x 230 quality assurance Manufacturer | jflabel

Thermal cash register paper is also known as roll thermal cash register paper and thermal printing paper. It is a roll printing paper produced by simple processing with thermal paper as raw material. Thermal cash register paper is mainly used in thermal printers of cash register systems. Thermal cash register paper has uniform color development, good smoothness, high whiteness, long shelf life and no printing consumables, no carbon ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridge. Therefore, thermal cash register paper tends to replace ordinary cash register paper in the cash register system. Thermal cash register paper has been widely used in various industries such as supermarkets, hotels, banks, telecommunications, medical care, and catering.

The production principle of thermal cash register paper: Coating fine powder on ordinary paper base, the composition is leuco dye phenols or other acidic substances, separated by a thin film.

Under heat, the film melts and the powder mixes for a color reaction. The colored writing on the thermal cash register paper is unstable and easy to fade, making the content of the document difficult to read.

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Guided by scientific and technological innovation, jflabel always keeps outward-oriented and sticks to the positive development on the basis of technological innovation. thermal paper rolls 3.125 x 230 Having devoted a lot to product development and service quality improvement, we have established a high reputation in the markets. We promise to provide every customer throughout the world with prompt and professional service covering the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. No matter where you are or what business you are engaged in, we'd love to help you deal with any issue. If you want to know more details about our new product thermal paper rolls 3.125 x 230 or our company, feel free to contact us.Its unique design helps to intrigue customers enough to pick up items, take a closer look, read a bit about the item and determine its value.

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