Custom thermal label printer paper from China Manufacturer | jflabel

Custom thermal label printer paper from China Manufacturer | jflabel

Anti-counterfeiting labels: including material anti-counterfeiting labels, laser laser labels, laser self-adhesive labels, fragile self-adhesive labels and water-discolored anti-counterfeiting labels.

1. After the material anti-counterfeiting label is opened, the pre-designed pattern or text (such as "VOID", "tear-up invalid", "opened" or other patterns or words specified by the customer) is separated and cannot be recovered;

2. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels, colorful, according to the customer's request pattern and content, laser engraving production, different colors from different angles, metallic effect, shiny, can not be imitated;

3. The surface of the laser paper self-adhesive label emits colorful rays of light, with strong waterproof, anti-fouling and scratch-resistant properties, the printing color and material are strong, the luster is beautiful, bright and charming;

4. When the fragile self-adhesive label is attached to the substrate and then lifted, the material breaks randomly, indicating that the product packaging has been disassembled and cannot be restored to its original state, the printing is clear, the color is bright and saturated, the thickness is uniform, and the flexibility it is good;

5. When the anti-counterfeiting label is completely exposed to water, the surface will become a significantly different color than before, and it is irreversible;

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After years of solid and rapid development, jflabel has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. thermal label printer paper We have been investing a lot in the product R&D, which turns out to be effective that we have developed thermal label printer paper. Relying on our innovative and hard-working staff, we guarantee that we offer customers the best products, the most favorable prices, and the most comprehensive services as well. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions.This product can be printed with any information. It provides a clear space for printing necessary and readable information, such as key features, advantages, and raw materials.

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